Read or Pie, it's up to you

It's simple – donate to help our community's children read OR take a pie to the face! #ReadOrPie



This Spring, we’re asking you to show us how much you care about our children’s education, by supporting The Read On! Campaign for Early Grade Level Reading. This year Read On wants to give every 0-5 year old in Cincinnati access to age-appropriate books.


Two-thirds of America’s children living in poverty have no books at home. With the large number of children in our Cincinnati facing poverty, it’s difficult to imagine how many children do not have access to great books in their home. Children who do not have access to books and do not read regularly are among the most vulnerable students. We know that reading can open minds to new possibilities and open doors to educational success.

Take the #readorpie challenge and make a difference in our city today!


  1. Get Challenged:
    A friend, coworker, or bitter enemy will do a video and call out three other people to do the Read or Pie Challenge.
  2. Accept the Challenge:
    Once you’ve been challenged, you have 24 hours to complete the Read or Pie Challenge. If you refuse the challenge, which is an option, you’re basically telling the world that you don’t want to see kids read. Don’t be that guy.

Once you’ve accepted the challenge, you can take one of two paths:

  1. Pay $25
    Don’t want to pie yourself in the face? Understandable. Donate $25 to help the Read On Campaign help every child in Cincinnati read on grade level by providing every 0-5 year old in our city access to age appropriate books. You can do that by hitting the easy to find “donate” button. At this point, you can merrily go about your business. The end.
  2. Pie Yourself in the Face
    Don’t want to pay $25? No problem, get ready to film yourself getting a pie right to the face. But – and this is important – you still have to donate to The Read On Campaign, just not the full $25.

How to film Your Masterpiece:

Now that you’ve accepted your inevitable fate, you’ll need the following:

In your video mention the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Who challenged you
  3. Accepting their challenge with the full name (“I accept the Read Or Pie Challenge”)
  4. Three more people you want to challenge
  5. The website
  6. A mention that you’re donating money as well as pieing yourself
Once you’re done upload it on Facebook or Twitter and tag the Read On Campaign with #readorpie.